Fat Loss Not Weight Loss

Losing weight is seeming to be on everybody’s agenda. It seems that everyone wants to lose weights. Lose weight programs and mobile apps are becoming a rage these days. If you are one of the many hopefuls who want to lose weight, then you are one of the many who are doing the wrong method of making themselves fit. If you want to make yourself fit, your goal must not be losing weight but losing fat. Losing weight is easy. You don’t just eat and you will lose weight but the weight you will be losing will be both fat and muscle.
The fastest to lose weight is by cutting your carbohydrate intake. That is because carbs retain water three times more than any macronutrients in your body. If you intake fewer carbs, your body will retain less water. Less water, less weight. Simple as that. But losing water weight is not a long-term solution. Losing water weight is comparable to buffing of the car, it can make your car look new and sleek outside but it is only for short period of time since the…

What is Power of Attorney and How Does It Work?

As a citizen of Western Australia, there are two types of Powers of Attorney which you may enter into. The two types of powers of attorney are General Power of Attorney and Enduring Power of Attorney. In a nutshell, the power of attorney or the POA is a legal document that consents an individual or an organization to appoint a person to handle your affairs if you are unavailable to perform such affairs. However, not all powers of attorney give the same effect and controls to the attorney-in-fact. The attorney-in-fact is the person designated to make decisions on your behalf.
The General Power of Attorney
The general power of attorney gives your attorney-in-fact wide-ranging powers to act on your behalf. These may include the powers in handling business and financial transactions, getting life insurance on your behalf, setting claims, hiring professional help, running business interests, and making gifts on your behalf. The general power of attorney is a valuable and effective tool if y…

How Often Should You Service Your Air Conditioner?

According to the best air conditioning services in Perth, your air conditioning unit should be serviced at least once a year whether there is a noticeable problem or not. Professional suggest that it is a good idea to have the air conditioning system inspected, cleaned and serviced once a year, preferably during the spring in preparation for the heavy usage during summer.
The annual servicing will ensure that your AC operates at its maximum efficiency. However, if you see signs that your air conditioner is not in good condition do not wait for its annual schedule to have it checked by the professional. It is important that problem with the AC unit is identified and remedied before it becomes worst.
As a homeowner, you don’t have to wait for the annual check-up to make your AC run smoothly. You can do simple DIY AC servicing such as changing air filters. Ideally, air conditioner air filters should be changed or cleaned at least once a month. The dirt and dust build-up can reduce the eff…